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Stepright Orthotics have been trading successfully for more than 20 years.Providing help and support to our clients with foot and related health issues.We are proud to have improved many health issues regarding foot and ankle problems for so many people,Take the right step and see our Stepright Orthotics can be of help to you.

Your feet’s health is probably secondary to your eyesight.Don’t neglect the importance of looking after your feet they are so important and maybe the cause of other medical conditions you have.

Our Stepright customised 3 arch orthotics have a different approach on making a damaged, painful, mis-shaped foot into a healthy foot again! We have designed our customised 3 arch orthotics to
re-align foot position into normal healthy shaped feet.

REMEMBER The Stepright 3 arch orthotic not only supports the medial arch but also the longitudinial and metatarsal arches of the feet as well. Offering improved posture and comfort.At Stepright we wouldn’t use the UK technique of taking a mould/cast of the feet and making the insoles to suit the cast of the moulds.(This is still a mis-shaped damaged foot).
We would use the cast of the feet to ‘re-shape’ the feet back into the position of a normal healthy position with the Batch Technology. It can also help with posture and the bodies alignment problems.


If you have any questions or enquiries about our product or service, you can call or email us,We will return your call or answer your email as quickly as possible.

Stepright Orthotics the number 1 corrective orthotic insole provider in the UK



The above diagram illustrates the
3 arch orthotic support which is
superior and the difference in our design

























Stepright Orthotics Westwood House, Consultancy,
Euadyke, Friskney,
PE22 8NL

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