Hidden books around Lincolnshire are encouraging families to read and get outdoors searching

Books are being hidden in and around Lincolnshire for children to find, there has recently been a craze for hiding books across the country and now you can get involved with your family thanks to Sarah Frow creating a wonderful social media community group for Lincoln.

Sarah is a Lincoln based registered Childminder at Little Stars Childminding and has been working as as childminder for the past 16 years , she is really passionate about childrens Learning,Development & getting children active and interested in something. She tell's us this initiative was something she thought would be great, it's well documented how much less children read nowadays and it has so many benefits from a small age.

Reading helps develop their listening skills, their cognitive development, their emotional,social and personal development it introduces them to loving books.

Families are now getting involved by hiding their own books and sharing their finds in the Facebook group in the group Sarah created and is main admin for " Look for a Book Lincoln (Official Group)"

One Of The hidden Books


We think it really is a wonderful idea, families are seeing others getting involved and are excited to be part of such a great community project, not only does it give children the encouragement to read but it is getting families outdoors in the fresh air walking, talking and getting exercise together.

Similar groups have been set-up across other parts of the UK many people have posted their sightings and also clues as to where new books may be hiding within the Facebook groups.

When a child discovers a book it often encourages them to go home and sort through their own books ready to hide one of theirs for another child to find, this is also a great part of the process as it gets people sharing and caring about others excitement in finding their book. It is also so important to get involved doing activities together as a family this has really touched our hearts here at search lincolnshire. We cant wait to get involved ourselves this weekend hiding in hiding few of our books.

We also think another fun idea to go with the idea of hiding/finding books is to start a Book tick list/chart of all the books you have discovered and read together as a family.



The main idea is hide a to book in a public place ready for somebody to find an enjoy , they can either choose to keep the book, share it with a friend, read it and re hide it or hide their own books in return.  

Reading books with children is a fabulous way to spend time together research shows that exploring books have lots of benefits for children it's never too early to start an unborn baby can hear sound from around 18 weeks and recognise your voice before they are even born, babies do not need to understand the words,  they will love to listen to you and look at pictures, reading books talking about the pictures. Taking time out of every day to enjoy each other's company is the time that everyone can join in with Mum's/Dad's/Grandparents/Siblings and caregivers. As they get older ask your child to choose a book, discuss the pictures encourage your child to talk about the book and above all make it fun!


If you find a book & would like to get involved then ask to join the above group mentioned. I myself will be taking my children out to hide a couple of books at the weekend and hope that we find one to Someday.


If you do choose to hide a book make sure to pop inside a waterproof resealable bag, inside include your chosen book and a note saying the following

Well done!! You found this book! You can take it home to read and then pop it back in its waterproof bag and re-hide it for someone else, or if you really like the book you can keep it.


Maybe hide some of your books that you have outgrown or don’t read any more?


Use the “look for a book - Lincoln” Facebook page to share a picture of your find. We’d love to see a photo of you enjoying your book!

Search- Look for a book – Lincoln (Official Group)


You can find a copy of this to download and print within the facebook group files 




Remember to share your find's on the Facebook group mentioned below and we would also love to see your finds here @searchlincolnshire.co.uk

Look for a book Lincoln (Official Group)


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22 Aug 2019