Great eyebrows don't happen by chance they happen with an appointment at The Brow Bar!

Great eyebrows don't happen

by chance they happen with

an appointment at The Brow Bar 

The Brow Bar is located in Central Boston 

Business owner Jessica Edgoose really does

know her stuff when it comes to eyebrows. 

She has undergone some of the best

Training during the years running her

business & ensures that she uses only

the best products and techniques 

you can certainly tell from the results she achieves. 

Treo Treatment keeping it brow fresh with a shape, tint and tidy only at The Brow Bar


The Brow Bar has a large social media following with lots of wonderful positive reviews.

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I have personally been a customer of The Brow Bar for around 6 years now.

On my first visit I had over plucked barely there eyebrows I had mistakenly plucked them into a thin line since I was a teenager & i seriously didn't think that I would ever be able to achieve the eyebrows that I have now, but with full instruction from Jessica to grow them out with no plucking at all (now that took some serious willpower)

I now have a full shaped brows & a well maintained brow routine.

I  attend a 4 weekly appointment for a wax and tint to keep my brows looking fresh & I wouldnt trust anybody else to touch my eyebrows i have certainly learnt a life lesson to only ever let a professional touch them in the future.

This client received a Treo Brow Treatment

















Services offered start from a simple Wax/Thread/Tint right through to a complete full brow reshape via microblading which takes out the daily chore and timely makeup routine of putting your brows on 

Microbladded eyebrows are a semi permanent treatment which lasts around 2-3 years. Microbladding is a method used to create fuller brows, fill in any sparse areas or creating a full brow for anyone with slow growing brows or no brow growth at all.

Pigment is pushed into the first layer of your skin via a fine blade made up of tiny needles creating hairlike strokes.

Microbladed Eyebrows @The Brow Bar











Pigment comes in a range of colours and shades to suit each individual

Jess will have an initial consulation with you to discuss shape and shade and will always help advise the best treatment for your face shape and skin tone.

Microblading is a rescricted treatment to anyone under 18 or pregnant, Dr consent is also required if you take any sort of blood thinning medication as you will need to stop this for two weeks prior to treatment.


The price of microblading at The Brow Bar is £250 this includes your £50 deposit to secure your appointment, your first /second appointment and after-care kit are all included. Patch testing is required at least 48hrs prior to first appointment you can discuss this upon booking.

Microblading Vs Natural Brow

Included in treatment

* Consulatation

* Colour & Thickness selection

* Brow Mapping

( Longest part of the whole treatment)

* Brow Shaping via Thread Wax or Pluck with Brow Trimming

* Numbing

* Microblading Process ( 20-45 Minutes depending on the area)

To discuss Booking treatment Call 01205 368750

Working alongside Jessica is Becky Pell who offers the most beautiful lash treatments a very popular treatment to have with Becky is an LVL Lash Lift and Tint which requires no lash Extensions and lasts for several weeks even whilst swimming etc on holidays. 


LVL Lash Lift 

Just look at the amazing result of the LVL Lash Lift








Natural Results lasting between 6-8 weeks! You can leave natural looking or add mascara as desired

Becky also offers Lash Extentions featured below

are Russian Lash Extensions 















To book an appointment with Becky simply Call The Brow Bar


01205 368750

The Brow Bar

15 Dolphin Lane



Opening Hours

Tues 10-5.30

Weds 10-4.30

Thurs 10- 5.30

Fri 10-5.30

Sat 10-4.30

Sun Closed

Mon Closed


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Brow Bar is the place to go to to get your Eyebrows and Eyelashes done. They provide a good selection of options of what you can have done to improve your looks of your Eyelashes and Eyebrows. They provide short and long term effects, depending what you want doing. They are Professional girls that will give you good advice of what is best for what you want. Try them, you will not be disappointed. I am speaking from personal care.

August 2019

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20 Aug 2019