Fresh Kicks Sneaker Laundry open up shop in Boston

Fresh Kicks Sneaker Laundry Open up shop


Brother Duo Scott & Jamie Maskell are officially opening up Fresh Kicks Sneaker laundry Boston August 1st
Ever looked at your trainers and thought its time for them to go in the bin, well then think again Local Business Fresh Kicks can get your shoes looking brand new again!

In January 2016 brothers Scott & Jamie Maskell started a new business called Sneaker Bros. They came up with an idea to sell accessories for trainers online (shoe trees, display boxes, books, laces and cleaning products) and on 12th February they received their first online order.

They ran this for a year selling online and  attending shows and then the business went in a different direction when approched by a customer who asked if they offered a shoe cleaning service as they didnt want to clean their own trainers. So, Scott offered to clean a pair for them on returning them the customer was left amazed by the results acheived and they then gave him another pair to clean.

News soon spread amongst the brothers friends and family as more and more people asked if Scott and Jamie could work their cleaning magic on their footwear and thats when Fresh Kicks (footwear cleaning services) was created as a side line business to there already exsisting company (Sneaker Bros)

In September 2017 they were approached by an investor and his son who they welcomed to the company and changed the name of Sneaker Bros. to Sneaker Boys. Then, in July 2018 the brothers sold Sneaker Boys to the investors to concentrate on Fresh Kicks.

Fresh Kicks offer a range of services starting from a general deep clean, all the way through to a complete deep clean/new laces/sole repair/repaint as well as still offering cleaning products, shoe trees and sneaker literature. They offer a pickup/drop off style service around Lincolnshire and regulary post which location they are visiting on which Date/Time on their Social Media Channels.


They now have set up shop in Boston

Unit E1 

Boston Trade Park

Norfolk Street


PE21 9HG

Tel 07949353096



INSTAGRAM -  @freshkickssb

TWITTER -  @FreshKicksSB



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01 Aug 2019